Ocular Trauma


Eye injuries can occur at any time.  Our office is equipped to handle most eye injuries.  Please call immediately if you have experienced an eye injury.  If we are not available, please go to the emergency room or urgent care.  

The primary instrument we use is a biomicroscope.  The biomicroscope provides very high magnification and is designed to aid us in evaluating the extent of an eye injury.  Whether it is a laceration, foreign particle embedded or a burn, the biomicroscope is the primary tool to carefully examine the injury.            

Embedded Foreign Bodies

A common injury is a hot iron metallic foreign body embedded in the cornea.  Grinding or drilling in iron or other metals will release particles that are hot, and when they hit the eye, they embed themselves in the cornea.  If it is iron, as in this example, it will immediately begin to rust due to the salty consistency of our tears.  When the metal particle is removed, there is a remaining rust deposit that has infiltrated the surrounding cornea.  We have experience at removing these rust spots.  With proper medical treatment these injuries will resolve well. 

Most injuries to the cornea can be prevented with proper safety eyewear. 

Emergency Eye Care

FLASHES OF LIGHT:  If you have symptoms of  "Flashes of Light" in your vision, when there is no light to explain the flashes, this could mean that there is something happening in the back of the eye; this could be a possible vitreous detachment or a retinal detachment.  The eye does not have any pain sensors so flashes are your best clue that there is something wrong.  This can be sight threatening, so please act immediately by calling our office directly 951-684-7822  or call your primary doctor if you have an HMO to be referred to an ophthalmologist.  Another option is Loma Linda University Emergency, as they have ophthalmologists on call.  

Optometrists at 20/20 are able to diagnose these conditions, but are unable to perform surgery if surgery is needed to repair your retina.  We will refer to general ophthalmology or a retinal specialist for treatment.

FRONT SURFACE OF THE EYE (Anterior Segment):  In contrast, the cornea (the clear window on the front of the eye) has more nerve pain sensors than any other part of the body.  Injury to the cornea can be incredibly painful.  Immediate treatment is needed. Call immediately when an injury occurs.  We are here to help.  In many cases, optometrists at 20/20 are capable of treating corneal conditions, but may need to refer you to a corneal specialist for further treatment or surgery.


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