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At 20/20 Vision Associates, you will receive a very thorough examination by a caring doctor.  It is our desire to become your eye doctor for life, and we take your vision seriously.

A comprehensive examination is $130 which includes a complete eye health evaluation and a glasses prescription.

A contact lens evaluation for a soft sphere lens is an additional $75 and a soft sphere lens for astigmatism is $90.  

(This means comprehensive examination and contact lens for a soft sphere lens is $205).  

These fits include 2 follow up visits at no charge within the first 90 days.

For other specialty lenses, rigid gas permeable or other fittings, please contact the office at 951-684-7822.

Wellness Screening Options:  

Wellness options

Choose one or all of these based on your family history and your focus on prevention.  Our doctors will counsel you on nutritional and lifestyle tips to achieve excellent eye health.

Retinal Photo  

Evaluation of the retina can demonstrate many systemic diseases and conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cancer and collagen disease.  In addition, the presence of macular degeneration, glaucoma and other ocular disease is more easily identified with retinal photography.  The Doctors at 20/20 Vision Associates Optometry strongly recommend preventive, diagnostic retinal imaging.  


Pigment Optical Density, or MPOD, measures the density of macular pigment. Macular pigment (or 'MP'), located in the center of the retina, performs a critical role in protecting the macula from blue light damage. MP is composed of zeaxanthin and lutein, two carotenoids which maintain its function.


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive imaging test. OCT uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina.

With OCT, your optometrist can see each of the retina’s distinctive layers. This allows your optometrist to map and measure their thickness. These measurements help with diagnosis. They also provide treatment guidance for glaucoma and diseases of the retina.  These retinal diseases include age-related macular degeneration (AMD) , diabetic eye disease, macular pucker and many others.

There are many other levels of service not mentioned here.  Please contact the office for further information.


20/20 Frame & Lens Packages--Affordable Quality

 20/20 Vision is committed to offering the best services and products in eye care at an affordable price.  
We have a full service optical laboratory on site which enables us to offer same day service, usually within an hour (certain prescriptions not available). This offer is not valid with or combined with any other discounts or coupons. 



Both packages include polycarbonate lens and blue light filtering anti-reflective coating

Please visit the office or call us for further pricing information.  

What makes glasses expensive or cheap?

The short answer is:  quality and service will determine the price.

Why not buy glasses online?  Your eyes deserve better!

Not all glasses are the same!  Very inexpensive eyewear purchased online is not the same quality.  Glasses are not like a size L jacket you buy online.  Glasses are a customized product. 

How you see is partly determined by the quality of the lens product you wear.  At 20/20 Vision, we choose Zeiss lenses which are known for reliable quality and better vision.

At 20/20 Vision Associates Optometry, all price ranges and levels of quality are available with a minimum standard that we will not compromise on.

Your eye care team at 20/20 Vision Associates Optometry uses sophisticated technology to provide a prescription to you.

It is strongly recommended that this prescription be filled by a physical location with licensed and/or certified professionals.  Accurate measurements, fittings, adjustments as well as proper lens and frame selection are critical to your eyewear providing you with the clearest, most comfortable vision possible. 

Internet providers do not service what they sell, nor do we service eyewear purchased online.  We cannot guarantee the performance of eyewear purchased elsewhere. 

In general, lenses typically represent a larger portion of the cost than the frame.

  • Designer labels.  

Eyewear is one of the least expensive ways that we can enjoy and wear a designer brand!  We love our designer eyewear:  Versace, Christian Dior, Prada, D&G and more.

We observe industry standard pricing.  3 times a year, we have large frame shows where designers are featured and every frame in the line is brought in for you to try on and purchase.  At these shows, we offer discounts, and it is a very fun way to shop!  These are great events and always well attended. 

See the video below to get an idea of what a frame show is like:

  • In the instance of brand names with a MSRP, we observe MSRP pricing.

Brands such as Ray -Ban, Nike and Oakley have MSRP pricing which means the price will be the same online as in our store or any other establishment.    

If you find a brand with MSRP online that is far below our price (MSRP), beware that the frame may be a fraudulent copy, or it is diverted product, or  the company is not operating lawfully.  Do you want to give these companies your business?

  • Vision Insurance transactions

Your insurance company determines pricing, therefore the same frame will be the same cost any where you go. This is because they base the cost to you on wholesale, not retail pricing.

Lens Options

Please understand that while we will always recommend the very best or highest quality first, there are always less expensive options.  

This is a short discussion of the most common lens options you may choose to consider.

  • Anti-reflective coating (AR).  About 85% of all lens products are purchased with AR.  This is due to improved vision with the reduction of glare as well as improved appearance of the glasses.  Now there are blue-light protective anti-reflective coatings for those of us using digital devices which reduces the possible dangers of high energy wavelength light and is more comfortable for us.

For a more complete discussion on blue light, click here:

We recommend the highest quality anti-reflective coating for best scratch resistance and durability since this can be a problem with anti-reflective coating.  We strongly recommend Zeiss coatings whenever possible, as they lead the industry in durability.  Additionally, the highest quality has the longest warranty as well (2 years).

  • High-Index lenses:  High-index lenses come in various levels (the higher the index, the thinner the lens).  1.74 is the thinnest lens available. For those who value a thin lens appearance, this is an option you will want. Additionally, the vision is improved due to better aspheric optics.  These lenses generally require anti-reflective coating due to internal reflections. 

  • Impact-Resistant Lenses: Trivex is an impact-resistant material with improved optics and more lightweight than polycarbonate.  However, polycarbonate is approximately 10% thinner.  Each has UV protection in the lens.  For a more complete discussion on the pros and cons of polycarbonate vs. trivex, click here:

  • Photochromic Lenses:  These lenses change color from clear lenses to either gray or brown when ultraviolet light hits the lenses. This means when you are outside, they are dark like sunglasses and clear when you are inside.  This can be a less expensive option than a separate pair of sunglasses, but it is also not quite as good as a separate pair of prescription sunglasses as they do not change behind the windshield of a car.  

  • Computer progressives (near variable lenses):  For those of us in our mid to late 40's or beyond, and use a computer for 4 hours or more a day, near variable computer lenses provide the best ergonomic, comfortable vision and enable the wearer to see at multiple distances.  Some are designed with a small amount of distance vision and others are designed solely for work distances.  

Due to the fact computer users are staring at a screen for many hours today, blue-light protective lenses are recommended for computer lenses.


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