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​​What Diseases Can Be Detected in an Eye Exam?

A woman at the optometrists getting an eye exam to ensure she isn't at risk for any eye diseases

Your ocular health and vision are important, and comprehensive eye exams play a crucial role in protecting your eyes. During your exam, what kind of diseases can your optometrist identify?  Continue reading to learn more about eye exams, including why they’re important and what eye diseases your optometrist can detect.  What is an Eye Exam?  […]

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We will be closed to all non-urgent eye care from Wednesday, March 18 through Friday, March 27,  We will resume normal business hours as of Saturday, March 28 at 8 am. We want to help you in this time of crisis.  If you have any urgent need for medical eye care, please call 951-684-7822 and […]

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Why Children Need an Optometrist’s Eye Exam

“The pediatrician checks my daughter’s eyes every year and says she is fine, but the teacher says she is having trouble in class.” While we wholeheartedly support the pediatrician and his efforts to evaluate your child’s vision, there are elements to a child’s vision that may not be apparent to the pediatrician that will greatly […]

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What is a frame show and sale?

In order to provide you the greatest style options, we hold special sale events that enable you to find your perfect frames! Representatives from featured frame companies will bring their entire designer lines for you to choose from.  They will help style you.  You can walk around on your own and look at all the […]

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