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Sports Vision: How Can You Improve?

A swimmer wearing a cap and googles is hanging from the edge of the pool looking through an augmented reality Heads Up Display showing various performance metrics.

Sports Vision: How Can You Improve? Sports Vision: How Can You Improve? Peak athletic performance is determined by various factors, including talent, training, and focus. Improving your skills requires a lot of work before game day. Although many sports emphasize the importance of training muscles and focus techniques, your visual performance can change how you […]

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Senaptec Sensory Station and Strobe Now Available at Sport & Sun!

As far as sports vision and performance training goes, Senaptec does it right! Senaptec currently offers 2 of the most comprehensive and effective ways to up your game THROUGH ENHANCING YOUR VISUAL SYSTEM (with more coming down the pipeline). All sports, no matter what you do or play, requires optimal vision. Let’s face it, your […]

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Vision in Sports

As we put Indian Wells and Miami into the history books, I can’t help but notice that Roger Federer has been in both events either as the champion (Miami Open) or the runner up (Indian Wells Masters). At the age of 37, Federer is still as sharp as ever.  Currently ranked number 4 in the […]

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