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Top Quality Lenses for Clear Vision

At 20/20 Vision Associates, we’re proud to offer ZEISS lenses to any patients that need corrective eyewear for clear vision. ZEISS lenses are high-quality eyeglass lenses created by an innovative company that continually tries to push the limits of what’s possible. Through research and development, ZEISS is committed to consistently discover new opportunities to create a clear future for glasses-wearers. ZEISS lenses are even thought to have influenced Claude Monet’s creative process, helping him see color when cataracts had significantly endangered his vision.

If you’d like to explore ZEISS lenses and how they can improve your eyesight and help you find clarity, we’d love to help. See us for a comprehensive eye exam, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options for corrective eyewear.

ZEISS Lens Options

SmartLife Lenses

ZEISS SmartLife Lenses are specially designed to support a busy lifestyle that relies on digital devices. They help wearers stay comfortable all day, even when faced with a full day interacting with smart devices and apps. Digital devices, although useful, have created new forms of visual stress that we may not always be able to keep pace with.

SmartLife Lenses provide an all-day lens that can address the daily visual needs of modern people. They were developed with significant research on current habits and observable behaviors, providing the information necessary to create a lens broad enough to cover all age-related needs but specialized enough for today’s connected lifestyles.

When you spend a day at the beach, you’ll likely always think about bringing along some sunscreen to protect your skin. But, do you give the same consideration to protecting your eyes? UV radiation is ever-present, even in cooler or overcast conditions. Without proper protection, UV radiation can cause significant damage to your eyes.

UVProtect Technology is an eyeglass lens developed to offer sunglass-level protection, even in clear lenses. They offer full UV protection up to 400nm, which the World Health Organization recommends and provided in premium sunglasses. They keep your eyes and the surrounding sensitive skin wholly protected from harmful UV rays.

ZEISS provides a wide range of tints and technologies to enhance sun protection and visual contrast. In high levels of UV light, the eyes need adequate protection to prevent damage, including photokeratitis. ZEISS sun protection lenses provide reliable protection against UV radiation.

ZEISS sunglasses also protect from glare, alongside UV radiation. The Skylet sunglass tints absorb the blue portion of light, creating a stronger contrast, making vision appear sharper. You can find self-tinting lenses, various colors, polarized lenses, and sun sport lenses, all from ZEISS.

Lens Coatings

DuraVision BlueProtect

With the amount of blue light we absorb every day from various digital screens, our body can get confused and have troubles falling asleep and waking up when you want it to. The right amount of blue light helps control our circadian rhythm, but too much of the “wrong” kind of blue light can be detrimental to your health.

ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect lens coating acts as a special filter to ensure comfortable vision. The coating helps to reduce certain portions of blue light, making a day spent in front of the screen much more enjoyable.

Lenses without an anti-reflective or anti-glare coating can reflect a lot of light, impairing vision and distracting the wearer. This can be particularly distracting while driving on wet roads or at night, and will reflect your computer screen in video chats.

The ZEISS DuraVision Premium lens coating is a classic choice to keep your vision clear, and to help others see you more clearly. It offers a bluish residual reflection, which increases the amount of light the lens transmits to your eyes. This can make your eyes appear clearer, almost like you’re not wearing glasses at all.

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